Tactical Style: Twod Picatinny Rail Bipod and Twod AR-15 Cleaning Mat Texas Tested Reviews {Video}


Many accessories for tactical purposes these days are becoming more tacti-cool than anything. What I look for in products for my ARs and other tactical weapons are utility and design that will perform well under pressure and last ages of use. I recently reviewed two products by Twod, a tactical gear and optics company, on my YouTube channel. Since I reviewed both together in that video and since they are intended for the same audience, I figured I would review both here as well.

 I wanted to bring this company to the spotlight of this blog as they are relatively new to the playing field of rifle accessories but they are playing the game to win and I like to see that. I am always looking for products that can be affordable for the budget-minded shooter (as many of us are) and of the high quality you expect from gun accessory companies these days. Both the AR-15 rifle cleaning mat and the picatinny rail bipod I recently purchased from Amazon.com met both of these qualifications.

First, let’s look at the bipod, as I address on the video first as well. I was able to quickly mount it to the bottom forend rail of my Ruger 10/22 which I have outfitted in a tactical style stock from ATI gun stocks. With a QD (Quick Detach) system, the rail was easy to mount and left me with great first impressions right out of the box. This is an adjustable pivoting mount so it makes it easy to install on any rifle. I had to loosen the QD mount a bit to get it to fit just right but that was no big deal. The legs can be adjusted from 6.5”-9” when deployed or very conveniently stowed back or forward of the mounting plate at a 45-degree angle when not in use. I found the legs stayed out of the way of my rifle handling when they were stowed back or forward.

Furthermore, this bipod has a forend grip which is removable, the feet on the ends of the bipod legs are rubber (which prevents slipping and so you won’t scratch up your shooting area) and easily and quickly deployable and adjustable. Overall for the money, this accessory was of good quality in fit and finish. Could you spend more on a detachable bipod? Sure. But do you need to? Will this most likely meet your needs of using a bipod for long range shooting? I certainly think so. Check out this product at https://amzn.to/2srZqQD.

Next on the lineup is something I think every AR-15 owner should own and that’s a quality cleaning mat with an exploded parts diagram of all the parts and pieces of the modern sporting rifle. Not only does this likely keep you from getting kicked out to the garage or outdoors by your wife or significant other for making a mess on the table in the house after a day at the range, it will also help you get “unstuck” if you need help getting your gun back together after disassembly for cleaning. 

With a 36”x12” surface, this mat will help keep your surrounding area clean and the tools that come in the accompanying pouch are very useful and serve as a “field kit” that is easily portable. These tools are especially selected for black rifle designs but many of them could be useful with many other rifles as well as handguns and shotguns. Now personally, I don’t like to drag out all of my “gun cleaning stuff” every time I sit down to clean a gun so this tool kit really makes my job easy as it has some of the essentials I can use time and time again.

The cleaning mat is waterproof, chemical and oil resistant and, most importantly, washable. It even has a rubberized backing meaning you don’t have to worry about the mat slipping away from you while I use. It clings to just about any surface. When not in use, the mat and the tools are simply rolled up together for easy storage. Learn more about this product at https://amzn.to/2HdTQpI. Along with it, I purchased some Hoppes No. 9 solvent and some 6” cotton swabs to aid in my future gun cleaning endeavors. What may be a grueling process for some I quite enjoy and I have always been fascinated on how the modern guns we shoot today, and even those of many decades ago, are designed and assembled.

Now both of these products are easy to order off Amazon.com and able to be shipped straight to your doorstep. It’s hard to beat that kind of convenience when selecting your next gun accessories or firearm cleaning supplies. Man I love this stuff!

Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke


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Odepro KL52 PLUS Hunting Flashlight Kit Texas Tested Review {Video}

If I am known by one thing at Texas Fish & Game it is a “gear guy” and it’s true – I absolutely love new hunting and fishing gear that helps me do what I do in the outdoors even better. As many of you who read this know I have a YouTube Channel and companies regularly connect with me there to do gear reviews on YouTube and beyond. I am very selective on what I review, however, and only like to cover gear that I think is noteworthy and valuable to folks who read, watch or listen to my content. A company by the name of Odepro contacted me a couple of months ago to review their KL52 PLUS model flashlight kit.

I spend some considerable time in the outdoors field testing a product before recording a review in any form and this was no exception. This light shipped from an Amazon.com warehouse and, although it is a very affordable flashlight kit manufactured overseas as many lights are these days, I did not have to wait the average of 2-3 weeks to get it after I ordered it. Having USA warehousing is huge if you are in the market for a good outdoors flashlight but don’t want to pay a fortune or wait for weeks to get it.

Odepro KL52 Flashlight Package

The flashlight came installed with a red LED and three other LED modules came with it separately which are very easily interchangeable: white, green and infrared. I have owned and reviewed and even consulted for other hunting flashlight companies in the past and have not seen the quality, beam distance, beam zoom and wide beam throw length up close like I have with this light. The adjustable zoom makes this light so adaptable to any situation, whether you are bowhunting at short ranges or rifle hunting at long ranges. Even if you only use the white LED and want to go on a nighttime fishing excursion, this light would do well for any kind of night fishing or camping adventure. This one lightweight flashlight does it all.

In addition to the flashlight itself and all four of the interchangeable LEDs, the kit comes in a sturdy case with cutouts, snuggly fitting a container with two 18650 rechargeable batteries, two different scope mounting options, additional O-rings, a dual battery charger and a tail cap with pressure switch making it ideal for mounting on a gun of just about any type. The two mounting systems allow clamping on to a barrel or scope. I personally like a simple 1” or 30mm (with adaptor) scope ring, which this kit comes with, as most of my guns have a picatinny rail of some kind mounted on the scope or hand guard area already but these two mounting systems that come with the kit are good options for attaching the light to just about anything.  The case is very easily portable and rugged and I have packed it along on many outdoor excursions since I have owned this light kit. By taking the case with you, everything you should need for optimum flashlight performance comes with you.


It is the most versatile hunting light system I have come across for a price point of $112 or so plus shipping. Sure, you could spend more on a flashlight, but why? As long as I have been an outdoorsman, I have been a budget-minded consumer. I believe in finding value and longevity with every purchase I make or product that is sent to me to review. This is most definitely a solid buy and meets my Texas Tested qualifications and my stamp of approval. You can learn more about all of the Odepro lights on their website at http://www.odepro.com/en/the-strong-light-flashlight_75739.html or purchase one of these KL52 PLUS hunting light kits directly through Amazon.com here at https://amzn.to/2Ljg6B4.

As always, thank you for watching, reading and listening!

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