Carp in a Kayak: Texas Fish & Game March Feature Article

Life has been going at a high rate of speed for me again here in 2018 as we kicked off another trade and consumer show season. I’ve been to the Houston Boat Show, Houston Fishing Show, SHOT Show and the Austin Boat Show. There are others I wanted to attend but many were scheduled over each other this year. Advertising sales has been good so far and I am looking to make it a great year in our digital sponsored content landscape. 

I have also finished me new eBook and will launch in within the next month or so if all goes to plan. We’re in the editing process for now.

We are already in March and my first article just released in Texas Fish & Game magazine! Check out Carp in a Kayak right here and thank you for supporting my work over the years! You guys rock!


North Texas Flatheads Feature Article in the May 2017 Issue of Texas Fish & Game

The May issue of Texas Fish & Game magazine marks the magazine’s 33rd anniversary and my third feature article for 2017. Man did I have fun writing this one. It was a bit of a challenge at first to find the best lakes for yellow catfish in North Texas but after finishing this piece, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and sharing it with our great readers. Feel free to download and read the article below at the below PDF link!

Chasing Ol’ Yellow: Giant Flatheads of North Texas

I love writing about hunting and fishing subjects and Chester Moore, our editor-in-chief, constantly challenges me with coming up with new content with every feature I write. The next feature article planned is in August and I am so excited to see how it turns out, as I was with this one as well. Thanks again for your support over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys reading this stuff!


Another Month, Another Show! NRA 2017 Coverage!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here and it’s been because I have been traveling and working for Texas Fish & Game non-stop over the past few months. I have been going to shows hardcore since the beginning of the year for my work with TF&G. The NRA Show in Atlanta Georgia was my 5th show of the year! Holy smokes this has been a busy year so far! Next up is ICAST in July and I will have a new podcast and blog series for that one too. In the meantime, here is my coverage of NRA this year on

Dustin’s NRA Coverage Blog Posts
Part 1: 
Part 2: 
Part 3: 
Part 4: 

I also just released a new podcast this week on my time at the show breaking down each company I found of interest this year, much like I did last year. This show was packed this year and bigger than ever before and I really enjoy bringing this coverage to you:



If you haven’t done so yet, please check out The Best of the Outdoors Podcast and subscribe with the Podbean app or your favorite podcast player app on iPhone or Andriod. Thanks for watching, reading and listening!



Legacy Outfitters – Central Texas 3D Archery Tournament

I love archery and promote the sport often in my writing, podcasting, and videos. One group I have a lot of respect and admiration for is Legacy Outfitters. Legacy is a Christian men’s organization and has several chapters here in Texas and focus groups within those chapters for the shooting sports, archery, and more. I was invited to speak at a Temple/Belton Legacy chapter meeting in early 2015 and met Bryan Rugh.

Since then, I have helped Bryan promote their big annual 3D archery tournament fundraiser which happens every May. This year, I took my son Jackson and he insisted on being the camera man with my iPhone 5 so I let him take pictures of the 3D wildlife targets. There were many flying arrows at this 30 target archery event and we had a blast.

I try to get donations every year and was blessed to receive a large bag target from Double G Archery and a pack of Grim Reaper Broadheads from my friends at Grim Reaper for this event this year. Thank you to both sponsors! Here are some photos of the targets, people, and prizes. I must say, for only 6 years old, Jackson is a pretty good photographer!

I had to throw in one selfie photo while we were at it. Jackson and I had a fun time and look forward to this event each year. Thanks to Bryan for having us as a guest. If you live in Texas, be sure to check out a Legacy Outfitters chapter in your area. As always, thank you for watching, reading, and listening!


Hill Country Bowhunters Youth Hunts – 2015

This is my last year as Youth Coordinator for Hill Country Bowhunters, a non-profit 3D archery club based in Central Texas. I have served in this position for the past 3 years and have loved every minute of it. Many families have been introduced the sport of archery and hunting through HCB. Recently, we just had our youth hunts take place at DB Hunting Ranch ( We had a blast and most every youth hunter harvested something. See pictures below!


Rained Out…But Never Giving Up

My annual gun hunt to Brady, Texas (located in West Central Texas) was scheduled for this weekend but was cancelled due to rain. This was a frustrating set of circumstances as my heart was set on this trip and I had been planning for it for months.

This cancellation reminded me of my resolve to never to give up, no matter what the weather turns out to be or anything else that comes my way. Hunting, fishing, or any outdoor pursuit can be frustrating at times. If you have been participating in the outdoors for long, you will no doubt have had setbacks or missed opportunities. We all have. The most important reminder, regardless of the circumstances, is to never give up hope. As long as you wake up on this side of the ground, it’s a good day.

I still wanted to hunt this weekend so I went out to a hunting ranch I work with for a hog hunt with one of my World War II military surplus rifles. The weather was awful and the hogs stayed bedded up all evening. It was one of the worst weather days I have had in the field in a long time but I endured it. Later that evening, after sunset, I was caught out in one on the worst thunderstorms I have experienced in years before my guide could come pick myself and the other hunters up from the field. I had a rain suit on and took shelter in my ground blind but even then I still got wet. It didn’t matter, I still kept a positive attitude. I knew I would have another chance to come back and hunt again so all was not lost.

There are a few things I am reminded of when I have a rough experience. Consider that a billion or so people slept on a dirt floor last night. Over 80% of the world will never use a cell phone. Our problems aren’t all that bad in comparison. Regardless of what comes my way with work, family, friends, or other aspects of my life, I always try to live in gratitude for all that I have, all that I have had, and all that I will have in the future. I believe that living a life of gratitude for the blessings we all have is crucial to success in any pursuit and this is especially true in the outdoors. No matter what happens to you, there is always something you can find to be grateful for around you and there is no reason to play the victim to your circumstances. I subscribe to the belief that we are made stronger by our adversities if we learn to fight through them and keep moving forward, learning along the way.

An idea I use to help me stay in this state of always giving thanks to our Creator is to place reminders around me of all that I have to be thankful for in the past, present, and future. These are usually photos, messages from loved ones, notes from my customers, and other keepsakes. In this season of thanksgiving, I am reminded that we should be thankful all year long for the blessings we have, not on just one holiday.

The Brady trip was rescheduled. In a couple of weeks I go on a trip with my Christian brothers from Crosswater Outfitters, a Christian ministry supporting veterans and their families, on a jug fishing trip to Lake Conroe for trophy catfish. All is well. Even if I get rained on again, which happened the entire weekend on last December’s trip to Lake Conroe in 30 degree temperatures, I will still keep a positive attitude and I encourage you to do the same as well. It sure makes life a little more fun when you look at it as a journey, not just a destination. It takes a change in perspective sometimes for us to look at adversity and setbacks as just another road bump along the way. Be who you are, use what you have, and do what matters. Make the best of what you have at the end of each day and live your life to its fullest potential. Life is short. By the time we figure it all out, the moments to enjoy it have already past. Live in the journey…


Fort Worth Airgun Show

I love airguns. The ones that I own and regularly shoot are relatively quite and very lethal on small game, predators, and wild hogs. Going to an “Airgun Show” was a first to me but our show, Mac & Prowler’s “Coyote Tales” was invited to attend this show  by one of our sponsors, Airforce Airguns. In my opinion, Airforce Airguns are among the top tier in quality and price in the airgun market. You can check out Airforce at

This show was held at a sportsman’s club in Poolville, Texas. Ever heard of Poolville? Me neither. All I knew was it was a small town just outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The building the show was hosted it was small but PACKED with airgun enthusiasts. I had no idea this show would have the amazing attendance it did.

I met show hosts and the producer of American Airgunner, which broadcasts on the Pursuit and Sportsman’s Channel (  I also met and had a long conversation with Eric Henderson (in the grey Airforce Airguns T-shirt below) from Adventures Afield, a web TV show ( I had another great conversation was with professional outdoor writer Jim Chapman ( He has an incredible outdoor writing and TV portfolio and I really enjoyed visiting with him as well.

This show was off the chain. Not only was it all about big bore and small caliber air rifles and pistols but the shooting range was open and you could go shoot some of the guns you were interested in buying. The manufactures at this show had a blast letting prospective buyers try out airguns before they made the purchase. Below is a picture of Yvette Hicks and I with the new Airforce Escape airgun. Then, in another picture, Randy (Mac) photo-bombed us!

This was also an opportunity to reconnect with Mac & Prowler as I hadn’t seen Randy or Bill in person for over a year and a half, although we talk on the phone all the time. We are gearing up to do some new fun things with our show and broadcast on a SMART TV network that airs through ROKU and Apple TV in addition to our show airing on many different regional networks. Check out our show at




Shoot to Kill: Know your Ammo and Broadheads

It amazes me how many hunters fail in the field due to  simple preparation considerations before their outdoor adventure. One of the most important of these considerations is ammunition and broadheads, depending on whether gun hunting or bowhunting. Shoot to kill. Every time. This sounds like the most basic and trivial of advice but its true and I have heard of numerous unsuccessful shots because of basic fundamentals.

When preparing for hunting season or practicing during season between adventures in the field, use the ammo or broadheads you plan to hunt with. There should be no exceptions. If you are running low on supplies, get more. The worst thing you can do is use ammunition in a gun or a broadhead on and arrow in a bow that is different from your “recipe” for success. Most ammunition and many broadheads have a different point-of-impact (POI). Consistency is key here. Any deviation from that is a potential recipe for failure when everything counts the most. Most premium broadheads, such as my favorite, Grim Reaper Broadheads ( come with a practice head. Many high quality mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads like Grim Reapers fly like field tips, making practicing with feild tips as most of use normally do very easy, but using the supplied practice head before showtime is still a good consideration to make.

Remember, as with most things in life, consistency is one major key to success. Practice with what you plan to use to kill your quarry. Shoot to kill.

I also cover this subject in a recent video I made this summer in preparation for hunting season.


Be safe and have fun out there!

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