A Summer of Fun…And Travel

It has been a busy year to say the least. In July alone, I was on the road for two weeks at the ICAST fishing trade show and then Camp Agape for the second week. I serve at Camp Agape, which is a grief camp for children ages 7-12, every summer I am able and I do it because I love to enrich the lives of our next generation. It is a hard camp in a lot of ways but I get a lot out of it, as do many of the other adults who serve there. The situations and backgrounds these kids come from are many times tough but our message at the camp is that Jesus has defeated death and we trust in God to heal us. The last day of this camp, we took a detour to the regularly scheduled program and went fishing with some leftover biscuits from breakfast that morning. Yes, I said biscuits! It was awesome to see kids having fun in the outdoors with a simple pursuit. Some of these kids had never been fishing before. Others hadn’t been in a long time.

I tell you this all not to boast that I am helping others by volunteering but, instead, to inspire you and others to get out and give back. I have so much gratitude in my life and giving back is one of the ways I show that love. Thanks for the support and staying in touch!


Podcasts are Rocking!

This year has been crazy but man has the wild ride been fun. I have never traveled as much or “crushed it” as often as I have this year and things are rocking. It has been a year ago this month that I have been doing The Best of the Outdoors podcast nearly every two weeks on an every-other-Thursday release schedule. I have had great guests and lots of new listeners and I am thankful for all of you listening. You can check out our latest episodes at www.FishGame.com or subscribe to the show and I posted a couple of recent shows here.

I am off on a plane to ICAST for a week and, the following week, I am volunteering at Camp Agape which is a bereavement summer camp for kids ages 7-12 who have lost a loved one.

Why do I do so much? There are many reasons. For one, I want to be a source of inspiration for others and lead people to a deeper relationship to God and Jesus Christ. I am not afraid to say it. I am driven and have had a rock solid work ethic since a very young age. I love to serve others and educate through my many projects. Thanks for sharing my work with others in the outdoors. I am finally living my dream and I encourage you to go for yours too. As always, thank you so much for your support!


God Made White Bass for Kids on Richland Chambers!

I have worked with Royce Simmons in my work for Texas Fish & Game for many years now. His reports have been that the white bass fishing action is unbelievable lately and that if God ever made a fish for kids to catch, it would be the white bass! My father-in-law, Joe, made arrangements for a post-school year/early summer fishing trip for himself, Jackson and myself at Richland Chambers Lake with Gone Fishin’ Guide Service. Jackson is 7 years old and this was his first big boat and big lake trip.

The rain was a bit of a concern but we took a chance and braved it anyway and didn’t get very wet at all. Man, am I glad we did! The whites and hybrids were boiling all over the lake feeding on shad which made the fishing more like catching as you couldn’t throw a lure out and not catch a fish or two at certain times. Some of the rigs we were throwing had both a jig and a slab tied on which meant bonus fish at times and fighting two white bass, hybrids or both at the same time is an awesome feat! We limited out on whites by 10am or so that morning and Mr. Royce did a fantastic job cleaning all the fish for us. I have fished with my fair share of guides over the years and must say Mr. Royce put us on some great fishing action. I have never been on a guide trip so successful before! If you live in or around Texas and want a fun trip, I highly recommend Royce and Adam Simmons. 

Gone Fishin’ Guide Service: http://www.gonefishin.biz/

Below are some photos of our trip. I also talked about this trip at the beginning of our latest TF&G Podcast. Listen below!


Take a kid in your life fishing and enjoy all that God’s outdoors has to offer! Thanks for watching, reading and listening!


Bowfishing 101 is LIVE!

What a year it has been so far. It is flown by and I can’t believe it’s already June. We are working on the editorial and advertising aspects of the August issue! Wasn’t it just yesterday that we said, “Happy New Year?!?”

The past few weeks I have been selling advertising during the day and writing blog posts and editing video late at night for our new Bowfishing 101 program which is presented by Diamond/Bowtech Archery. This has been my “baby” lately as I have written and produced most of the content for it. Check it out now at the link below and be sure to take the Bowfishing Quiz and check out the videos on the page. This has been a labor of love but I have loved every minute of it! Thanks again for your support over all these years and for watching, reading and listening!


Two Feature Articles in Texas Fish & Game and Other News

This month marks the release of my first two feature articles of the year being published in Texas Fish & Game magazine. Our circulation is near 100,000 so it is a blast to share the information contained within these articles with so many outdoor enthusiasts. Both of these articles were a blast to write and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did creating them. Here are the links to the PDFs of these features, which should open in another browser tab for you:

Hunting Hogs and Exotics with Airguns March 2017 Feature Article

Carpe Diem: Bowfishing Equipment for Carp – March 2017 Feature Article


In other news, I have 3 more feature articles planned for the rest of this year. The next one will be coming out in the May issue! More on that in a later post.

In more news, our home’s kitchen is undergoing a major remodel and, seeing that I work from home when I’m not traveling, there have been plenty of distractions around me lately and our favorite room of our home has been off limits for about two weeks now. We both love to cook so this has been harder for us than for most married couples going through this kind of renovation. My lovely wife, Meagan, chronicles some of the joys and pains of this in her own blog, Sarafina’s Kitchen.

The first part of the new year is known as “Show Season” by many who work in the outdoor industry. It starts out with trade shows and local shows in early January and ends up, for me at least, with the ICAST fishing show in July. This year I have been to the Houston Boat Show, SHOT Show, Austin Boat Show, San Antonio Boat Show and, most recently (this last week), the Houston Fishing Show. Before I worked full time in this industry, I had no idea there were so many shows to visit! I love this industry mainly because of the fine people I work with in my advertising and editorial role with Texas Fish & Game and the other media outlets and organizations I work with in the outdoor realm. It has been fun but, man, that’s lots of traveling!

Thank you for letting me share this blog with you. Please also stay tuned to the podcast as I am hard a work releasing a show every two weeks on Thursdays in conjunction with the release of the “BIG” Texas Fish & Game Thursday newsletter that goes out to over 47,000 emails. That takes some time every week in one way or another and it slows down my personal blogging on this website/blog a bit but I was born a writer at heart and will always carry that gift within me. Thanks again for following my work and reading, watching and listening. Remember, you rock!


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, again…

I try to do some kind of special hunt right before the Christmas holidays get here – usually on the day before Christmas Eve. This year was no exception as I planned a hunt for myself and my buddy Michael Foster at DB Hunting Ranch. Michael had never shot a Texas wild hog, or any wild hog for that matter, and I wanted to guide him on his own special hunt for this first time experience. The ranch closed down for the holidays so we had the whole place to ourselves for both the morning and evening hunts. I rarely guide for the exception of my own hunts or close friends and family but I did everything a guide would normally do on both hunts. Of course I captured both hunts on video and produced them just for you, my reading, watching and listening audience. Here’s how we did! Thanks for watching, reading and listening and for your support through the years! Personally, unlike many, 2016 was a great year for me and I think 2017 will be even better!

First Hunt:


Second Hunt:


Another Year, Another Trip to Brady

It’s great to be back blogging again! I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything since October. I have been firing out some awesome new content at FishGame.com so please be sure to check that out with this link!

This past weekend I made my annual homage to Brady, Texas to hunt whitetail deer again and help the Broad Family Ranch with some deer management. We needed to cull some does, spikes and cull bucks so I was there to do my part. This ranch has not had much hunting pressure and I really enjoy every moment of a trip like this. It is the socialization of “deer camp” at it’s finest and ranks right up there with my hunts in Mason, Texas. I simply love this time of year. It doesn’t get much better than deer hunting in the cold of Texas’ winter months with the ones you love.

Here is my video from this hunt:

Please stay tuned to my blog and FishGame.com as next month we make the journey to SHOT Show 2017 and I got an invite to Media Day at the Range or “Range Day” as many call it. Lots more to come. Thank you so much for watching, reading and listening!

P.S. Don’t forget to head over to my Outdoor Insiders page for my top gear recommendations and more as well as for a multitude of outdoor product shopping fun!


TRASOL App Review: A Trajectory Solutions Shooting App Like No Other

Since the dawn of Smart phones, companies have come out with apps to make doing certain things easier or at least, in some ways, more convenient. Before I tested the TRASOL app, I had a ballistics calculator that helped me calculate trajectory and other factors and variables related to shooting at extended ranges. That calculator worked well for my needs at the time but after I downloaded and tested out the TRASOL App from Desert Tech, I realized I would never look at ballistic data the same way again. The TRASOL app factors in just about every conceivable consideration related to shooting.  This is so much more than an advanced calculator which shooters can use to figure out a variety of factors in shooting, especially at long ranges with the many variables that go along with long range shooting.

Integrating a heads up display (HUD), an initiative interface and global prediction accuracy, this app incorporates everything I have ever looked for in a shooting trajectory calculator and then some. To top it off, it is extremely easy to use.  Simply input all the factors you know from the rifle and load you are using as well as your environmental factors, which can be numerous in the shooting realm, and the app tells you everything you need to know in real time. You can even save different gun profiles in the app that you can refer back to on different visits to the range and different shooting sessions. This is huge for me since I own multiple long range rifles in different calibers. You can even set up an account and sync the app with your account, inputting new data every time you shoot. Since I use handloads in some of my guns, I see an added benefit for using this app for feedback on how my loads are preforming in the rifle I am shooting.

The TRASOL app does this all at one low one-time cost of $9.99. As with most apps, once you download it, the app is yours to use for life. Having information at your disposal like this isn’t only valuable, it is extremely crucial if you want to make an accurate calculation of your shot and this is vitally important if you plan to compete in long range shooting matches or other types of scenarios. As a big game hunter, I see many uses for this app in taking big game at long ranges. Having immediate feedback for shooting like this is something I have never had so easy in the past. Desert Tech, the company that came out with this app, specializes in long range high power rifles that can change calibers in under a minute or so and this app makes using these rifles even better.

There are so many more benefits and features to TRASOL that I have outlined here. To learn more about TRASOL, which is available for both iOS and Android, visit http://deserttech.com/trasol.php.


Podcast: Preparing for Hunting Season with Guest Bill Henson

Our latest podcast is here! Visit thebestoftheoutdoors.podbean.com for all of our episodes! Thanks for listening!

As he is in the process of preparing for hunting season, “Prowler Bill” Henson joins Dustin on this podcast and we talk about preparing for bow and gun season for big game and other hunting adventures. We talk about some of the products we use in the field, and some best practices for safety and survival tools to have in the field.

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