Another Texas Fish & Game Magazine Article!

This months edition of Texas Fish & Game magazine features the second of three articles I wrote for them this year. This one was titled: “So…You Gonna Eat That?” We talk about little regarded but quite tasty fish and variety meats that make good table-fare if prepared right. Being published in this magazine has been a dream of mine and realizing that dream has been wonderful.



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Day at the Range

I love shooting at the range. For some people it’s practice. For me it is more like a therapy. I swapped out the JMeck scope mount on my Mosin Nagants. The 1933 Hex receiever Mosin was a good shooter but I could never group as tight as I knew was possible out of the other gun, a 1943 round receiver Mosin. The swap took about 45 minutes one afternoon but everything was tight as can be. I love the JMeck mount. You can see these at: JMeck Scope Mounts. They are low profile and easy to install. I even did an install video on YouTube to show how to install one. Here are some pictures of my beautiful 91/30 with the Jmeck mount and Leupold scope installed. I refinished the stock myself many years ago when I was just getting into purchasing and hunting with these old military guns:

Photo Aug 01, 8 54 24 AM

Photo Aug 01, 8 54 05 AMPhoto Aug 01, 8 54 17 AM


Accuracy with this new mount compared to the old 4x scope on the scout mount set-up? 1-2″ a 100 yards. That is what I consider practical accuracy for hunting purposes. This is especially true when you can ring  that kind of accuracy from a gun that was made during one of the worst parts of World War II! Here are my last two shots after one slight adjustment:

Photo Aug 01, 8 52 03 AM


I was shooting at 100 yards. The photo makes the target look bigger that it actually appeared. That is a pretty small 10-ring! Awesomeness! Expect to see this gun in action in my next GUN TALES hunting videos.


I also took out the Olympic Arms AR-15. I just installed a “laser” and sighted it in, just for fun. What a great shooter. Olympic Arms rifles have changed my mind about accuracy from an AR-15 platform. I can shoot just about any brand of ammunition and end up with groups in the 10-ring at 100 yards all day long. What a fine gun.

Photo Aug 01, 9 15 34 AM


Notice my new Scopecoat from the fine people at Devtron as well as my Hyskore Rapid Fire shooting sytem and the paracord sling, handmade by a US military veteran, by Recoil Rifle slings. Add all of these products together and you have a fine list of firearm accessories. If you haven’t been to your local shooting range lately, its time to go! Celebrate the 2nd Ammendment proudly. We have some wonderful freedoms in this country!

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New Sponsor…Great Product

Our show, Mac & Prowler, just added a new product sponsor! Frio coolers

are among the best of the extreme ice chests I have ever seen. As you probably know, there are many brands of extreme ice chests on the market today but Frio is among the finest I have ever seen and I am proud to own one!

All Frio coolers have a piano hinge with a large diameter rod for strength and durability as well as a raised positive sealing surface with a compression seal to guarantee that when the chest is closed the cold stays in. Frio coolers also have stainless steel sprung latches that stand up to the elements but are still be easy to use and pliable plastic handles that wont crack hung on nylon cord that is double wrapped in the chest body.

I could go on and on about why I love Frio coolers. The best part is the price! I have seen some extreme coolers that cost $750 or more. Here are their prices:

25 quart: $189.00

45 quart: $276.00

65 quart: $319.00

Check these guys out at and see the contact info below to order. You will not be disappointed! These are great extreme coolers!


Photo Jul 15, 8 04 19 AM Photo Jul 15, 8 09 14 AM

Arrow M-Frio-Coolers



Texas Fish & Game Magazine Article

This week I finally received the July issues of Texas Fish & Game magazine. I was excited to get this issue as it is the first time I have had a feature artcile published in the magazine. I have been a contributing edotor for TF&G for the past year or so and love working with this magazine. The title of my article on bowfishing, “Aim Low, Think Big!”

Photo Jul 14, 8 10 37 PM

Photo Jul 14, 8 11 31 PM


Accessorizing Time! Guns and Jewelry…

My wife planned a jewelry party at our house today. I decided it was a good day to get out some of my guns and try some new things. I love to tinker…sometimes. Most of Meagan’s friends know me so it’s not a big surprise to see me around my guns but then there were some new friends at this party.

First, I mounted a new laser and flashlight to my Olympic Arms AR-15.

This gun is a tack driver and I love owning an AR-15. Last week I installed the new X-Shim from since I had some play in the front part of the receiver. Here is a promo video I made for the X-Shim.

If you have an AR-15 and want even better accuracy and less play or slop in your receiver, pick up one of these kits. They are only $9.99 and a good investment in my opinion!

I also installed the VRL-1 light on the AR-15 on the side of the free float tube and then moved it to the top of the scope and installed a laser on the side rail of the free float tube. My goodness does this gun looks cool!

Photo Jul 13, 2 41 51 PM

Photo Jul 13, 2 41 06 PMPhoto Jul 13, 3 36 47 PM

You can check out these lights and even purchase one through my PRODUCT page on my website! The VRL-1 and VRL-X are both phenomenal lights for the money. You can’t find better quality for the money or a company that puts quality control into the highest regard like this company does.

I also mounted a scope rail from on my Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber air rifle. I love this gun as well as the folks who make it at Crosman. I installed the smaller VRL-X since most of my shots won’t be past 50 yards. This is a great predator/varmint gun. I can’t wait to get out in the woods again!

Photo Jul 13, 2 38 30 PM

I love tinkering with guns on the weekend!

Again, Check out my website if you are interested in getting a new light like the VRL-1 or VRL-X. These are awesome hunting lights! Have fun and be safe out there!


The New Book is Almost Out!

I just finished my new book on urban bowhunting in about 3 weeks. Lots of work but it will be worth it.  Bill Henson, my co-host from Mac and Prowler’s TV Show ( is my editor and also edited my other two books. I am grateful for Bill and so many other people who help me reach my goals working in the outdoor industry. Check out the cover. I designed it myself!



Turns Out I Like Dogs After All

I have never owned a dog in my adult life. My wife and son have been begging me to get one. I kept putting it off and finding every reason in the world we we shouldn’t own one such as the fact that we have two cats, I am mildly allergic to pet dander, and the list goes on. That all changed when one of my website clients started having me list pictures of Jack Russell puppies she had for sale for her website What happened next was…well, I fell in love with a new baby girl puppy. We named her “Pepper” due to her black spots. It turns out I like dogs after all and she is pretty fond of me too. Maybe when she grows up we can go dove hunting together. Jack Russells were bred to be a hunting breed after all!


Photo Jul 05, 1 51 03 PM


Making Memories

As early as I can remember, I have been in love with fishing. Now that my son is old enough, we go fishing all the time! Last night we got into a nest of bluegill and had fishing action all evening until dark. One of the keys to success on catching smaller fish with smaller mouths, such as the bluegill or sunfish, is to use smaller hooks. As I showcase in the picture below, I use a number 10 Aberdeen hook from Tru-Turn or Eagle Claw. These are also knows as “Cricket Hooks”. They have a long shaft and a small circumference to the hook making them good for fishing for bluegill or sunfish, or any species for that matter, of any size. We typically use Dillies, or small Canadian Night-crawlers, and have some inexpensive fun in the outdoors! I have to say it is a challenge fishing with that little Transformers rod and reel package he has but that makes it all the more fun!

Photo Jun 27, 8 25 19 PM

As you can see from the pictures below, my son and I have had fun the past two weekends now that I am back in town. There is something magical, even mystical, about fishing on a lake as the sun sets on the day. What a fun time it is to love nature and spend time with the ones we love.

Photo Jun 21, 7 16 48 PM

Photo Jun 27, 7 33 11 PM


Summer Camp

I just finished my days with Camp Agape, an annual summer bereavement camp for kids. I have volunteered at for the past three years. We had a lot of fun this year and helped 27 kids from ages 7-12 process through the grief of loosing a loved one in the recent past. We had archery, fishing, swimming, and low ropes courses and more. I had a blast. Here is a picture of me carrying my guitar and walking to breakfast one morning. This camp was a good reminder that kids are our future. We have to include them in outdoor activites if we ever expect them to turn off the TV or put down the video game controller. Although parts of this camp were emotionally challenging for everyone, as we have all experienced the loss of a loved one, I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our young people today. I remembered the seeds both of my grandfathers instilled in me. They encouraged me to live my life to the fullest and follow my passion. I am thankful and grateful for what they taught me every day.

photoLearn more about Camp Agape at


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