My Timber Bass

There are some things you get in life that you never forget. Things you hold onto and cherish. Such was the case of The Timber Bass from Lake Conroe on a December 2014 fishing trip with Cross Water Outfitters. We annually do an event with CWO ever December and January. What once came aboard the boat of my good buddy Steve Gardipee while we were fishing looked to be a piece of driftwood but Steve saw something more. This gift, pictured below, was given to me during a presentation Steve did for me this past December 2015. If you have been following my blog long at all, you will remember Steve as a Vietnam veteran with a life after death story I recorded on this video. He turned a piece of drift wood into a true work of art. I love it! What character it has! It really is a Timber Bass!

2015-12-05 10.19.57
2016-04-22 17.31.23

Thank you as always for watching, reading, and listening!

Arrows from Above! New Bowfishing Videos

One of the things I like to do besides filming and editing my own hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventures is to edit and produce video from my friends. I just recently finished a new article for Texas Fish & Game Magazine entitled “Arrows from Above” about summer bowfishing. Here are a few videos from my friend Tim Jackson who is an avid bowfishing guide with my other friend Marty McIntyre and GARQUEST Bowfishing Adventures. Man, I get fired up watching these! I hope you enjoy!