Grim Reaper Broadheads Strike Again!

I have held a pro-staff position with Grim Reaper Broadheads ( for the past 3-4 years. I love this brand as they make both mechanical and fixed blade broadheads that fly like field points. They are also as reliable as a Sherman Tank and take game down in seconds which is why they are my broadhead of choice.

Recently, Danny and Kelly Barry, the husband and wife owners of DB Hunting Ranch ( went for a family vacation out of state to New Mexico and harvested an incredible Bison bull with Grim Reapers. This quick kill and fast recovery example is why I trust Grim Reaper for bowhunting for  any size of animal. Most of the time, you get the satisfaction of watching the animal drop in its tracks after the shot. As their slogan says, “Shorter Bloodtrails…Longer Stories.” I am grateful to belong to the pro-staff of such as awesome company. Here is a photo of Danny and Kelly Barry with their New Mexico Bison. Grim Reaper strikes again!


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Frio Coolers: Heat Test

One of the best tests for an extreme cooler is how well it can handle the heat. Check out the torture test that one Texas resident did in the middle of the summer heat. Frio coolers came out in the top rankings of this test. Check these out at and order one soon. I promise you will be glad you did!

Upland Outfitters

I highly recommend certain products and companies in my blog because I know if I have had success with them, you will as well. One of the companies I highly recommend for buying a new or used guns, optics, knives, or outdoor equipment is Upland Outfitters located in Leander, Texas where I live. The owner of this business, Chris Fielder, is one of the most outstanding people I have met in the outdoor industry. He really goes the extra mile to find the best price on firearms and other outdoor accessories and gear. Check out the Upland Outfitters website at and browse over the realm of outdoor gear and guns. This is one of the largest firearm and accessories mall you will find in our great nation and it is a joy to easily shop for what you are looking for at a great price. Furthermore, shipping is fast!  If you live in Central Texas, also visit the Upland Outfitters store in Leander. Chris recently remodeled this store and it is a sportman’s paradise! Working with this company will be one of the best experiences you will have.

Share the Gift

As sportsmen, we sometimes forget to realize how truly blessed we are. What other sport offers the best of the beauty and splendor of the outdoors plus, if we’re lucky, some fish or game meat for the freezer? I write and film often about sharing the outdoors with both youth and adults alike that are new to the sport of hunting and fishing but it’s also important to share about God’s love as He is the one who created all of this. I personally try to practice excellence in everything I do because I am representing God in my work, relationships, and all aspects of my life. If I can be an inspiration to others and represent God’s love in what I do, I have accomplished my goals. The more value I can provide to others, the better.

In Steve Gardipee’s testimony a few blog posts ago, he talked about what he sensed about God’s love and why we should share that with others. He said that if God ever had a need it was that we love him back. I get that. There is so much we can do to share God and Jesus Christ through the outdoors with others: a beautiful sunset, a pristine view of the horizon in the middle of nature, a trophy wild game animal or fish we have harvested or caught. These are just a few examples. God made all of this and we should give Him all the glory, praise, and thanksgiving for it all year long.

Frio Coolers Keep Ice Colder

Having an ice chest that keeps ice for a long time is crucial for long trips in the outdoors. For years, at least as long as extreme ice chests have been on the market, I wouldn’t spend the kind of money it took to buy a nice 65 quart ice chest, which would be enough room to store a quartered deer or wild hog. That was before I met Clay Montgomery and Arrow M Enterprises, distributors of Frio Coolers. I have seen some brands of larger coolers run in the $600-$700 range but Frio coolers cost about half of that and come in 25, 45, and 65 quart sizes. Check out my video below as well as for Frio Coolers. The nice thing is that you can get a cooler shipped straight to your door just about anywhere in the United States!