Blogging Anniversary – Thank you for Reading!

Well folks, it’s officially been a year since I wrote my first blog post. If you’ve followed my work at all, you will know that I wasn’t a huge fan of blogs when I first ventured into the outdoor writing world. I used to think writing articles was much better and blogs were too common and there were too many of them around. There are indeed a lot of outdoor bloggers after all. I used to prefer articles as they can be timeless where blogs are time stamped with a date and seem to have a shelf life for reader.  What drove me to start blogging was my need to share products, passions, tips, and more with the world in a more informal scenario that wouldn’t fit into the setting of an article. After all, writing is cathartic for me. I need to express creativity in my life and this is one of the ways I do just that.

I want to humbly thank all of you who have followed my success in the outdoor industry and who have read my blog over the last year. This year has been awesome in so many different ways and I have been able to share some of those successes with you though this format. I hope to continue to write and inspire those who read my blog, articles, or books and who watch my videos or listen to my podcasts to be the best they can be in the outdoors. I have been very blessed and seek to be a blessing to others. My main niche seems to be helping others getting started doing what I do and I love doing it. If you have any questions for me, please reach out to me at and I will do my best to either incorporate your question as part of this blog or reply to you directly. I also read and try to respond to all of the video comments I get from my YouTube channel. In whatever way you connected to me, I really hope you will stay connected and thank you so much for connecting with me. The best years are still ahead of us and let us never forget we have it pretty good here in our current day and time with all of the awesome technology and product innovations to help us on the water and in the field. You guys are awesome!Photo Oct 26, 12 39 20 PM


In the middle of writing in a hotel room in Akron, OH.

The Next Generation of Hunters / Father and Son Time

I have posted many blogs about how important I think it is to share our hunting heritage with our family. Many other writers, guides, outfitters, and others in the outdoor industry talk about how we should involve kids in the outdoors. This almost goes without saying. Kids who are involved in the outdoors usually do not have a criminal record or have time or desire to get into trouble unlike many youth that do not have this influence in their background. As one bumper sticker I once read stated, “Kids who hunt and fish don’t steal and deal.”

I try to set the best example possible for involving kids in the outdoors both in my position with Hill Country Bowhunters as the youth hunt coordinator as well as being a father to my son. This weekend, Jackson, who is now 5 years old, and I set up a deer feeder and game camera on another urban hunting spot in the back of a large acreage suburban neighborhood. Jackson understands the life cycle and why hunting is so important even in our modern day society with fast food and grocery stores. He gets it. My goal as his father is to raise him with integrity, respect, honor, and love, as well as with ethical principals so he will start down the road to success in his own outdoor pursuits one day and continue to carry on the legacy and tradition that was started in my family many years ago.  After all, success leaves clues.

What I am really saying is that the more youth we start out at a young age learning how to provide for themselves and not depend on a system or society for their every need, the better. Not to get political, or even try to do so, I think our society needs more outdoorsmen and women. A true outdoorsman or woman takes care of their responsibilities and follows through. He or she has character and determination to do the job at hand correctly, effectively, and efficiently. Our country desperately needs more people that this. People who are looking to lend a hand, not get a hand out. Sportsmen and woman are developed, shaped, and molded and influenced by family, mentors, and the culture around them. If we are to preserve our heritage in the hunting and fishing area as well as other outdoor pursuits, it starts now with investing in the next generation. I have been taking Jackson in the woods and on the water since he has been able to walk and understand what it is we are doing. It starts at a young age and it grows and shapes from there. Here is a selfie I took of both of us on our way to the woods this past weekend.

Photo Oct 10, 6 08 09 PM

Many Thanks for Big Deer

I try to remain in a state of gratitude for all that I have had, for all that I have, and for all that I shall have.  It is important to be grateful. Here in the USA, we live in the richest country in the world and have some of the nicest luxuries we could have ever hoped for and that is something we should all remember.

As a hunter, I am grateful for all of the many blessings I have been given in the outdoor industry. I am especially grateful for trophy whitetail deer and when I am put in the right place at the right time to harvest one. I finally received the European mount I had done last year after harvesting this large 8-point from one of my urban hunting areas. You can check out the video of this hunt under the Videos page of or on my YouTube channel. This was an awesome hunt and I had watched this buck for many months before our paths finally crossed. This was a good deer for that area and one of my larger whitetail bucks on the wall. I was so grateful to finally get this head back I just had to share it with you! This is the newest addition to the family of skulls, antlers, and shoulder mounts in my office.


Photo Oct 08, 6 25 52 PM

Max Shepherd Bolt Products / Jmeck Scope Mounts

I am asked many questions about the military surplus guns I talk about on my many YouTube videos. One of the most common questions is what to do if you want a traditional receiver mounted scope and have to  to drill and tap (not recommended) or get a clamp on mount (highly recommended) for the Mosin Nagant.

I highly recommend the  Jmeck scope mount ( as it is a clamp on mount, reques and is so solid when installed properly. I also get the common question  of, “Where did you get the bent bolt?” I didn’t have a good answer until now. Max Sheperd Bolt Products ( recently did two bolt modifications for me and did a fantastic job! Check out the awesome pull ring addition to the safety knob. This makes the safety very easy to operate which is usually an issue with stock bolts. They did this sniper reporduction bent bolt for the below rifle and also did a super job on one of my other Mosins stocked in ATI furniture with an ATI receiver mount. Here is a video and some pictures showcasing both products. As I say in the video, it is better to spend a little more money on products like these to get the best quality return possible for these iconic firearms. IMG_9384


See more of my videos and other projects at

The Return of “Mr. Big”… The Right Place at the Right Time!

I have been hunting the same urban area for several years now. Every year, it seems to get better and better. Last year I shot two deer in one evening, filmed a doe hunt, and a harvested a nice mature 8 point all from the same stand. I keep going back because the action is simply non-stop. But I am not just hunting for meat. If I was, I could fill my tags in a couple of weekends there. This year I have been watching  a big buck that a fan of the show and personal friend of mine has named “Mr. Big”.

Last weekend, I had a work engagement, where I normally wear nice dress slacks and dress shoes for, prior to me heading to the hunting stand. I simply changed into my camo shirt and arrived at my blind at 6:30pm. This is rather late and I could tell all the corn the feeder had spun out for the evening had been eaten already and the deer had moved on. I decided to pour out some more corn and sit out anyway. Yes, in my dress slacks and dress shoes and camo shirt. If nothing else, I could catch up on my Twitter and Facebook news and hunt until legal shooting time ended. It started getting dark as the sun set over the horizon and night approached. I was ready to grab my things and head home until I looked up from my phone to notice a giant deer standing in front of my blind… It was Mr. Big himself and he was taking advantage of the new corn I had poured out.

I put down my phone, picked up my crossbow and got ready to shoot. I centered the top circle of the crossbow scope behind his shoulder, pressed the trigger, and watched Mr. Big take off. He made it about 60 yards before piling up.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  I am still filming and editing the footage to make this a true hunting video but here are some pictures of our deer.

Photo Oct 04, 7 47 53 PM

Mr. Big

If you follow this blog at all, you will see game cam pictures of this buck. I have been watching hin since August when I first set up the game cams on this property. This is one of the biggest bucks I have harvested with archery equipment and I plan to have a shoulder mount done. I am so thankful and grateful to harvest a deer of this caliber from such an urban habitat. What a rush!

This goes to show that even if you show up late and aren’t dressed for the occasion, you may still be playing your cards right just for being there at the right place and right now. Thank you again to our sponsors Grim Reaper Broadheads, Barnett Crossbows and Lumenok Bolts as well as thank you God for a buck this nice this early in the season!

Texas Fish & Game Magazine Feature Article – Urban Bowhunting

My third feature article in Texas Fish & Game magazine just came out in the October issue to mark the start of archery season. The title is “Urban Bowhunting: Bagging Backyard Backstraps”. In this article, I talk about how I started finding and successfully hunting urban hot spots and gave advice on how the average guy can do so as well. It was this article that inspired me to write an eBook on Urban Bowhunting which is available on my website at for only $9.95 or on the Amazon Kindle Platform for the same price. The book, like the article, is jam packed full of information as well as all of the equipment I use along with pictures, video links, and more! Whether or not you read the article and the book, my whole goal by writing these was to educate hunters on why we should embrace urban bowhunting when and where it is legal.

I am so thankful and grateful to have a position at Texas Fish and Game magazine. With nearly 100,000 subscribers and being one of the most read sportsman’s magazines in the great state of Texas, there is no place I’d rather be. Roy Neves, the owner, and Chester Moore, the chief editor  of the magazine, are both wonderful people and put together an incredible magazine, issue after issue, with the rest of their team of writers and publishers. I am also featured in the magazine every month with the Hotspots fishing reports. This is also an awesome role in the magazine because I am helping average anglers who read the magazine get on the fish with the right fishing tips and techniques, which come directly from local area guides to those lakes. You can check out TF&G magazine at and my Hotspots section in the back of the magazine each month. A big shout out to Texas Fish & Game magazine for an awesome publication!

Photo Oct 01, 7 06 23 PM

Photo Oct 01, 7 07 29 PM

Photo Oct 01, 7 07 51 PM

Family Reunion and First Archery Season Harvest!

Opening weekend of archery season marks the start of the fall deer hunting season in Texas. It is also the weekend we have my family reunion in New Berlin, Texas, a very small town in south Central Texas, where my family homesteaded land when they settled in Texas many years ago. Our family cemetery is actually on Warncke Road. I love history, studying family lineages, and visiting with family every year we go to the reunion. While all this is great, I always seem to miss the opening morning of archery season every year.

Many of us who enjoy the past time of hunting and fishing are blessed by our loving God beyond our wildest imaginations. I am one of them in this group. Working in the outdoor industry for the years I have has yielded many blessings and I am grateful for that every day. In my humble opinion, when you are so blessed, you should become a blessing to others.

I may have told this story before but I will set it up again. One evening last summer, I received a Facebook message from a local hunter who enjoyed watching my urban Texas deer hunting videos and had a few questions about how I did it and what I used to be so successful on my hunts. Like many Texas hunters, he hunted mainly public lands with an occasional invite to hunt private land for deer. In the process of talking, we became friends and I invited him out to one of my urban set ups. This video shows how he did with me guiding him.

On this property, we were hunting behind a row of houses against a greenbelt area. It being a Sunday afternoon, some of the neighbors of the land we were on decided to partake in some outdoor activates of their own near us, blocking the deer from their normal ritual of coming into our spot near dusk. As I explained to Michael, this IS urban hunting! Just before the window of shooting light had closed on us, two does came in and we closed the deal on the biggest one. It was a great way to start the season. If you read a few blog posts before, Michael and I went dove hunting at the beginning of dove hunting season. I always say that if you have good luck in shooting dove, bow season will be good too. This has proven to be the case over and over again. Here is Michael’s doe courtesy of the Barnett BCX Carbonlite, Lumenok bolts, and Grim Reaper Broadheads Xbow series. Perfect shot placement!

Photo Sep 28, 7 36 36 PM