Brady, Texas Hog and Deer Combo Hunt

I am always grateful to Steve Broad and the Broad Family Ranch for the annual invitation to gun hunt on his ranch. This is a west central Texas mecca for deer and, lately, feral hogs. Here is a video and some pictures of my hunt there this past weekend.

As we enter the New Year, remember how much we all have to be grateful for and give thanks for everything you can think of as much as you can. I truly believe there is not a better time to be alive than right now and we are blessed to be living in this time in history. Bad news aside, this is the Golden Age. Embrace and enjoy it!

Photo Dec 28, 4 54 54 PM

Photo Dec 28, 4 53 54 PM

Photo Dec 27, 6 26 31 PM

Self-Filming and New Videos

Video editing is harder than it seems many times. This is especially true when you do all the filming, editing, and production by yourself. That is the challenge I enjoy about the way I work though. Over the Thanksgiving holiday and into the holiday season of this year, I produced all of my video footage from my hunting season so far. Here are some of my latest videos!

The Gun Safe Arrived

Photo Dec 15, 6 55 40 PM

I have long dreamed of this safe coming home and its finally here. All 700 pounds of the Cannon Wide and Tall safe came home the other day on the eve of a huge Christmas party we planned. Well, I wasn’t going to lift it by myself when I could have plenty of help! Half of my friends said it wouldn’t fit and the other half were sure it would. It took a few strong people but we got it in place with two furniture movers and a utility dolly. Wow 48 gun capacity! Lots of room to spare for my collection. No, a bigger safe is not an excuse to aquire more guns. Or is it? Ha!

A good rule I have learned in researching gun safes is this: Buy the biggest one you can afford and that will fit in your home. You will usually never need LESS secure space down the road, right! I am very blessed and thankful this holiday season. It just doesn’t get any better!

The Oly Arms AR-15 is Finally Here!


Photo Dec 20, 1 38 47 PM

I just picked up the Olympic Arms AR-15 from my gunsmith who added a new adjustable butt-stock, a custom free-float tube,and a Nikon Pro-Staff scope. I have long dreamed of taking this gun home with these add-ons and the day is finally here. I couldn’t be happier! What an awesome early Christmas gift! Thank you to our friends at Olympic Arms for this awesome gun. I plan to go to the range next and sight it in and go hunting with it soon!