New Sponsor…Great Product

Our show, Mac & Prowler, just added a new product sponsor! Frio coolers

are among the best of the extreme ice chests I have ever seen. As you probably know, there are many brands of extreme ice chests on the market today but Frio is among the finest I have ever seen and I am proud to own one!

All Frio coolers have a piano hinge with a large diameter rod for strength and durability as well as a raised positive sealing surface with a compression seal to guarantee that when the chest is closed the cold stays in. Frio coolers also have stainless steel sprung latches that stand up to the elements but are still be easy to use and pliable plastic handles that wont crack hung on nylon cord that is double wrapped in the chest body.

I could go on and on about why I love Frio coolers. The best part is the price! I have seen some extreme coolers that cost $750 or more. Here are their prices:

25 quart: $189.00

45 quart: $276.00

65 quart: $319.00

Check these guys out at and see the contact info below to order. You will not be disappointed! These are great extreme coolers!


Photo Jul 15, 8 04 19 AM Photo Jul 15, 8 09 14 AM

Arrow M-Frio-Coolers


Texas Fish & Game Magazine Article

This week I finally received the July issues of Texas Fish & Game magazine. I was excited to get this issue as it is the first time I have had a feature artcile published in the magazine. I have been a contributing edotor for TF&G for the past year or so and love working with this magazine. The title of my article on bowfishing, “Aim Low, Think Big!”

Photo Jul 14, 8 10 37 PM

Photo Jul 14, 8 11 31 PM

Accessorizing Time! Guns and Jewelry…

My wife planned a jewelry party at our house today. I decided it was a good day to get out some of my guns and try some new things. I love to tinker…sometimes. Most of Meagan’s friends know me so it’s not a big surprise to see me around my guns but then there were some new friends at this party.

First, I mounted a new laser and flashlight to my Olympic Arms AR-15.

This gun is a tack driver and I love owning an AR-15. Last week I installed the new X-Shim from since I had some play in the front part of the receiver. Here is a promo video I made for the X-Shim.

If you have an AR-15 and want even better accuracy and less play or slop in your receiver, pick up one of these kits. They are only $9.99 and a good investment in my opinion!

I also installed the VRL-1 light on the AR-15 on the side of the free float tube and then moved it to the top of the scope and installed a laser on the side rail of the free float tube. My goodness does this gun looks cool!

Photo Jul 13, 2 41 51 PM

Photo Jul 13, 2 41 06 PMPhoto Jul 13, 3 36 47 PM

You can check out these lights and even purchase one through my PRODUCT page on my website! The VRL-1 and VRL-X are both phenomenal lights for the money. You can’t find better quality for the money or a company that puts quality control into the highest regard like this company does.

I also mounted a scope rail from on my Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber air rifle. I love this gun as well as the folks who make it at Crosman. I installed the smaller VRL-X since most of my shots won’t be past 50 yards. This is a great predator/varmint gun. I can’t wait to get out in the woods again!

Photo Jul 13, 2 38 30 PM

I love tinkering with guns on the weekend!

Again, Check out my website if you are interested in getting a new light like the VRL-1 or VRL-X. These are awesome hunting lights! Have fun and be safe out there!

The New Book is Almost Out!

I just finished my new book on urban bowhunting in about 3 weeks. Lots of work but it will be worth it.  Bill Henson, my co-host from Mac and Prowler’s TV Show ( is my editor and also edited my other two books. I am grateful for Bill and so many other people who help me reach my goals working in the outdoor industry. Check out the cover. I designed it myself!


Turns Out I Like Dogs After All

I have never owned a dog in my adult life. My wife and son have been begging me to get one. I kept putting it off and finding every reason in the world we we shouldn’t own one such as the fact that we have two cats, I am mildly allergic to pet dander, and the list goes on. That all changed when one of my website clients started having me list pictures of Jack Russell puppies she had for sale for her website What happened next was…well, I fell in love with a new baby girl puppy. We named her “Pepper” due to her black spots. It turns out I like dogs after all and she is pretty fond of me too. Maybe when she grows up we can go dove hunting together. Jack Russells were bred to be a hunting breed after all!


Photo Jul 05, 1 51 03 PM