The Outdoor TV Show’s Guide to the Industry

This is a must read book for all current and aspiring Outdoor TV Show Hosts.

This book was written to provide valuable insight for current and aspiring Outdoor TV Show Hosts. The inspiration for writing this book came through a partnership with the Co-Founders of DK Outdoor Adventures Outdoor TV Network and through a long standing relationship with the Hosts of Mac and Prowler TV. This book provides valuable industry knowledge that has been gained through first hand experience. In this book , I will cover how to begin the journey of starting an Outdoor TV program on any budget,  what separates home videos from actual TV shows and how networking to create benefit results in opportunity. Readers will learn strategies on how to achieve sponsorships, how to earn revenue through their programs, and how to dominate their industry by creating beneficial partnerships that offer massive exposure for their programs and for their sponsors. I hope this book will provide valuable insight into the world of Outdoor Industry Entertainment.  While there are many verticals to begin gaining exposure for an outdoor show, there are  very few that deliver the exposure level necessary to actually create income and value for the show host to sustain. This book will highlight different avenues to consider when trying to create income through an Outdoor TV program. After purchasing this book, I invite readers to contact me for assistance in beginning their journey to start their very own Outdoor TV Program. Thank You and I hope you enjoy this book.