If you are an outfitter looking to increase exposure and sales, you have come to the right place.

As a member of the DK Broker Network, we offer advertising across 150 outdoor websites reaching over a million outdoorsmen annually.

DK Outfitters receive a promotional video for their business, video optimization services on Youtube, advertising across 150 outdoor websites and are eligible to book trips through numerous booking agents in the DK Hunting and Fishing Broker Network for 10% booking fees.

The Annual Sponsorship Package is available at $895 per year.

Outfitters may choose to substitute the $895 fee for a trip donation valued at $2500 plus.

DK will list the trip donation for sale through brokers in the network or through a Non Profit Organization for fundraising.

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(DK Outdoor Adventures uses the funds from the sale of annual advertising packages or the sale of donated trips, to provide Veterans of the Military, Police, Fire Rescue, or EMS Services with hunting and fishing broker businesses at zero cost to Veteran.

What better way to help a Veteran than to help them become a business owner in the outdoor industry! Help your business with exposure and bookings and help put a Veteran into business today!

At DK, we believe if give a man to fish, he will eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he can sustain a lifetime.

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