The Gun Safe Arrived

Photo Dec 15, 6 55 40 PM

I have long dreamed of this safe coming home and its finally here. All 700 pounds of the Cannon Wide and Tall safe came home the other day on the eve of a huge Christmas party we planned. Well, I wasn’t going to lift it by myself when I could have plenty of help! Half of my friends said it wouldn’t fit and the other half were sure it would. It took a few strong people but we got it in place with two furniture movers and a utility dolly. Wow 48 gun capacity! Lots of room to spare for my collection. No, a bigger safe is not an excuse to aquire more guns. Or is it? Ha!

A good rule I have learned in researching gun safes is this: Buy the biggest one you can afford and that will fit in your home. You will usually never need LESS secure space down the road, right! I am very blessed and thankful this holiday season. It just doesn’t get any better!