New Sponsor…Great Product

Our show, Mac & Prowler, just added a new product sponsor! Frio coolers

are among the best of the extreme ice chests I have ever seen. As you probably know, there are many brands of extreme ice chests on the market today but Frio is among the finest I have ever seen and I am proud to own one!

All Frio coolers have a piano hinge with a large diameter rod for strength and durability as well as a raised positive sealing surface with a compression seal to guarantee that when the chest is closed the cold stays in. Frio coolers also have stainless steel sprung latches that stand up to the elements but are still be easy to use and pliable plastic handles that wont crack hung on nylon cord that is double wrapped in the chest body.

I could go on and on about why I love Frio coolers. The best part is the price! I have seen some extreme coolers that cost $750 or more. Here are their prices:

25 quart: $189.00

45 quart: $276.00

65 quart: $319.00

Check these guys out at and see the contact info below to order. You will not be disappointed! These are great extreme coolers!


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