Share the Gift

As sportsmen, we sometimes forget to realize how truly blessed we are. What other sport offers the best of the beauty and splendor of the outdoors plus, if we’re lucky, some fish or game meat for the freezer? I write and film often about sharing the outdoors with both youth and adults alike that are new to the sport of hunting and fishing but it’s also important to share about God’s love as He is the one who created all of this. I personally try to practice excellence in everything I do because I am representing God in my work, relationships, and all aspects of my life. If I can be an inspiration to others and represent God’s love in what I do, I have accomplished my goals. The more value I can provide to others, the better.

In Steve Gardipee’s testimony a few blog posts ago, he talked about what he sensed about God’s love and why we should share that with others. He said that if God ever had a need it was that we love him back. I get that. There is so much we can do to share God and Jesus Christ through the outdoors with others: a beautiful sunset, a pristine view of the horizon in the middle of nature, a trophy wild game animal or fish we have harvested or caught. These are just a few examples. God made all of this and we should give Him all the glory, praise, and thanksgiving for it all year long.