AccuSharp 9-Piece Game Processing Kit Review

Hunting is a passion I share with many outdoorsmen and the table fare that comes from a big game harvest, especially the “sweet meat” of an Axis deer, is really hard to beat compared to store-bought meat. There is a sense of pride that also comes with breaking down your harvest into primal cuts and preparing it for the freezer to store for later meals and, more importantly, the table to share with friends and family.

I bought my first “game processing” knife set about a year or so into the time period when I first started taking hunting seriously in my early 20s. It was a decent set of kitchen knives but they seemed crude compared to the modern kits and knife sets we have in the hunting and butchering world today.

Enter the AccuSharp 9-Piece Game Processing Kit. As an avid hunter now in my 40’s, I like refined tools that help me do a sometimes dirty job as efficiently and effectively as possible. As my Dad often says, pulling the trigger is the easy part. The real work begins after that part of the hunt if your bullet, slug, bolt or arrow meets the hair, hide and bone of your chosen quarry and results in meat on the ground. My Dad and both Grandfathers all three taught me to have the right tools for the job and this kit has just about anything a hunter might need. Those three men also taught me to let the tools do the work and these are some of the best tools for the job you will find in a processing kit on the market today.

This kit includes three knives with different purposes and a 6″ bone saw, all made from 420 stainless steel and non-slip textured handles. The convenient carrying case allows the hunter to neatly store everything in it’s right place and makes transporting the set easy fairly compact. Included as a bonus are a pair of disposable gloves and some zip ties for game tags. These were a great addition to the kit as you can resupply both zip ties and gloves for mere pennies and I almost always need both when tackling a field dressing, skinning/quartering or full on processing task outdoors or in the kitchen.

This AccuSharp Knife Set is a bit larger than others I have owned but I can still securely fit it into my hunting day pack. The case is durable and keeps everything secure and locked into place when not in use. The included rib spreader tool helps keep the body cavity open when field dressing and a needed tool I almost always wish for when doing a field dressing chore by myself in the woods – especially in the dark.

One of the great values of a kit like this is that the knives alone could cost $15 or so each if purchased separately. Add to that a diamond honed tungsten carbide AccuSharp Blaze Orange Knife and Tool Sharpener to the mix and that would cost another $11.00 or so on Amazon. That makes this set even more of a stellar value. Now, the kit has a spin off of the knife sharpener and the Gut Hook/Skinning Knife if you do want to purchase these separately but the best value is in the set. What really impresses me about this set is the 6″ bone saw and I hope to see that as a spin off/separately sold tool in the future as well. It is one of the best bone saws I have used and is a much improved companion compared some of the tools I have seen passed off as bone saws in other game processing kits I have used in years past. 


You can certainly use this kit for just field dressing but doing processing on your own is an educational, enriching, inspiring and rewarding experience as you can go at your own pace and cut the meat however you wish. Now, keeping in mind that I still use local game processors in my area even using a kit like this.  I will drop off boned out meat and trim for burger and bulk sausage grinding. That is an affordable and easy option for many hunters these days. After all, you don’t have to do all the hard work yourself. Skinning your deer, wild hogs or exotic game animals and deboning the meat saves you money and gives you many other options than just dropping it off field dressed at a processor. I have even learned how to skin and quarter up deer and wild hogs on my pick up truck bed and tailgate without a gambrel and winch or hoist. It is a bit more challenging but not as bad as doing it from the ground level.

When I mentor new hunters, I recommend keeping your backstraps/loins, tenderloins and roasts whole, steaking them out right before you are ready to cook them or just cooking them whole. There are few things as enjoyable as cutting your own meat from your own harvests and taking wild game from the field all the way to the table. A knife set like this gives you a lot of different options and, like guns, you can never have too many knives! Don’t repeat this sage advice in front of your significant other in your life too loud. That is, unless, you want them to buy this kit for your next celebration of a birthday or Christmas gift.

I write, film and record many review pieces like this through articles, blogs, podcasts and videos and the main theme that comes up again and again is one word: Value. This product is an incredible value for the money. Learn more about AccuSharp’s sharpeners, knives and multi-tools at

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