Camp Agape Sporting Clays Shoot

A few weekends back I went with my father-in-law and his two brothers to a new fundraising event sponsored by Camp Agape ( Moyesway Shooting Sports hosted this event and it was held down in Boerne at the scenic Joshua Creek Ranch ( located in the Texas Hill Country. This was a beautiful ranch to say the very least. I was blown away at the scenery as you could see quail and pheasant close by. I didn’t win any awards but my two uncles-in-law did and they deserved them. I shot pretty average but had and awesome time. Here are some photos my father-in-law took of the event.

I don’t write often about Camp Agape but it is one of the organizations near and dear to my heart. It is a breavement camp for kids ages 7-12 and I have been a “buddy” or camper counselor there for the past three summers. The camp runs Thursday-Monday, usually in July, and the experieinces there are heartwarming to say the least. I have a video I created a couple of years ago on my Youtube Channel that explains more about the camp at:

Thanks for reading, watching, and listening!