Relax, It’s Just Camo!

I own several camo patterns in different types of clothing and other accessories. I think it is funny how many people make a big deal about the newest and greatest camo pattern on the market these days. While companies continue to make new headway in virtually turning you “invisible” in front of the game you are pursuing, I think many hunters lose sight of the main reason they  use camo in the first place.

No matter what you choose to wear when you go hunting, keep in mind that you do not need a whole new wardrobe to go into the woods. Camo is a crucial part of most bowhunting adventures but is less important for gun hunters. You want to choose darker colors and patterns that “break-up” your outline to suspecting game animals. You can even use your normal wardrobe for this purpose if you plan to rifle hunt and plan to be a fair distance apart from what you are hunting. This can be accomplished with a flannel shirt in some cases due to the crossing patterns of the fabric. Solid colors stick out light a sore thumb to game in the woods. In other words, you don’t need the latest 3D HD camo. Just stay away from light solid colors of your normal clothes where possible as you want to try to blend in with your environment. It is generally known that wild hogs have poor eyesight and deer are partially colorblind. You can still spook any game with the best and most expensive camo if they see you move or something doesn’t look right to them. This has happened to most of us at some point in our hunting career. What you want to do, as always, is stack the odds in your favor.

So the goal of wearing camo of any kind is to blend in with nature and keep a low profile. Keep that in mind as you shop. Try to find camo that best matches your terrain and don’t feel like you have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Deer, wild hogs, and other game don’t care how much you spend on your apparel and it amazes me when I see Texas hunters wearing camo clothing designed for the Alaskan tundra. Although camo in and of itself is a fashion statement in some ways, solidifying the message that we love the outdoors, it is important to be practical in what you purchase and why. It matters, but its really only part of the package.

Another point to make is to only camo where it counts. If I am hunting in a pop-up blind or deer stand where only the top part of my body will be exposed, I mainly concentrate those exposed areas where camo is concerned.It is needless to use camo on areas of your body that game can’t even see and this is the case many times with the exception of bowhunting in tree stands or tripod stands or spot and stalk hunting. If I am hunting with my pop-up blind where the background is black, I tend to dress “ninja-style” in all black or in a dark camo with a black face cover. To that point, I have tagged three deer already this season from that blind due to my choice of clothing. You want to match your surroundings.

In my humble opinion, One of the best camo brands on the market today is M2D Camo (M2D stands for Made 2 Deceive). Sparky Sparks is one of the owners of this company and is a good friend and colleague to our hunting show ( and M2D camo has incredible properties that will blend in with many environments. Look them up if you get a chance and I think you will be impressed.

As always, thanks for reading my blog. Have fun out there!