Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Our Brady, Texas deer hunting trip I take each year with my father-in-law and friends has been rescheduled three times and cancelled all three times. We are hoping now to hunt the doe and spike special season in January. This is not ideal as I was hoping for a big buck from the Broad Ranch this year but I was blessed by Mr. Big, my trophy urban Whitetail buck, and that was enough for me. With a third cancellation a couple of weekends ago, I still wanted to hunt so I took a trip to DB Hunting Ranch for a short hog hunt.
Last time I hunted DBHR I was rained out and the hogs didn’t come in at all during my hunt. This time the hogs cooperated and I was able to shoot two in one evening; one during daylight hours and one at night with the VRL-1 rifle light from This was a trifecta hunt and I’ve wanted to do this hunt for months now. I wanted to promote, DB Hunting Ranch, and the venerable Mosin Nagant World War II rifle. All three of these factors came together in a great hunting adventure. Check out the video below!