Mmm…Tilapia and Bowfishing Fun

Bowfishing for tilapia is probably one of the most challenging, but fun activities I enjoy in the outdoors. A couple of weeks ago I had the sincere pleasure to go bowfishing again with Marty McIntyre with GARQUEST Bowfishing Adventures  on Lake Fairfield in North Texas. If you have never tried bowfishing and live in or around Texas, check out Marty at Marty will be sure to put you on some fish and you will have ample shot opportunities.

Part of the reason for this trip is because I am writing an article on bowfishing for tilapia titled, “Bowfishing for the Ghosts of the Water”. I will post the article as soon as it comes out in the magazine (Texas Fish & Game). Marty and our mutual friend Cody did some wade fishing and that was the key to success on this trip. Two things you will fight in the world of bowfishing for tilapia on power plant lakes is the wind and cast-netters. Both can push you off the bowfishing action but if you can learn to deal with one or both of them, you will have hours of fun shooting at “ghost fish”. We call them ghost fish because they can be there one minute and gone the next. They have excellent eye sight and are a blast to hunt, I mean fish, I mean bowfish for. Tilapia are indeed challenging and fun to hunt but they are also great to eat as well. Here are some pictures from our trip.