Mmmm….Deer Meat!

Today marks the start of gun season for deer here in Texas and many other states in our great country. Although I am mainly a bowhunter since I hunt in urban areas close to home for most of the season, I will soon be breaking out my rifle to prepare for my trip to Brady, Texas and film my annual deer gun hunt. In other news, last weekend I killed a nice 2 year old Whitetail doe with my crossbow. Video to soon follow after I get a chance to edit the footage. Many thanks to my sponsors as I believe I hunt with some of the best gear in the industry. Joining me on this hunt were the: Barnett BCX (Buck Commander Extreme) Carbonlite, Grim Reaper Broadheads (I am shooting 1 1/2 cut radius Crossbow broadheads), Thermacell, Lumenok’s LumenArrows (Crossbow Bolts), the Ergo Hunter knife from Buck Knives, and my trust VRL-X flashlight using the white LED module for nighttime navigation from I could not ask for better equipment.

Photo Oct 26, 6 51 28 PM

I love deer meat. I sometimes feel like Forrest Gump with his love of shrimp when I start listing off all the things I make with deer meat. This doe was made into Bacon Burger by my friends at Brizendine’s Deer Processing in Bertram. While the Brizendine family will never share the recipe, Bacon Burger is basically venison burger with bacon pieces added as the fat instead of pork or beef. I would love to know the ratio of bacon to ground deer meat they use but its better to have them grind and package it for me anyway. The resulting burger meat makes great queso, meatloaf, casseroles, and more. There I go! Deer burgers, deer meatballs, deer patty-melts, deer tacos, and so much more! It is so universal. We hardly ever by beef or any other meat from the store due to the abundance of wild deer and pork in the freezer which I am blessed to be able to harvest each year. If only chicken was a wild bird! Otherwise, we eat from the field! For my next harvests, I am looking forward to deer tamales, deer salami, deer steaks, deer roasts, deer fajita meat, and, of course, deer sausages. It doesn’t get much better than that!

So cheers to the deer! I am grateful for each harvest whether it is for me or for on of the charities I work with like Hunters for the Hungry or True Grind Ministries. The more we as hunters can share how we use the meat we harvest for feeding ourselves and our families, as well as helping those in need, the better. Deer, anyone? I thought so. Have fun, be safe, aim small, and have fun out there!

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