Recoil Rifles Slings: Supporting Military Veterans

Supporting our troops at home and oversees is an important value a majority of us in the outdoor world posses. Men and women from the armed services risk their lives every day to protect and preserve our freedom and I believe standing up for their rights and livelihood is a virtue every American should value. A price was paid to win our freedom and soldiers from every branch of the military work daily to preserve and maintain our freedoms today.
With many soldiers in the armed forces working hard to provide for their families and serving numerous tours of duty overseas, many companies have started as a way to support these veterans after they leave the military. One of these companies, Recoil Rifle Slings, is a prime example of producing quality products while providing a way to support military veterans. Recoil Rifle Slings makes high quality rifle slings using parachute cord (AKA “paracord”) in many different varieties. The owner, Will Hawkins, recently connected to me to and we became friends through a mutual connection in the firearms industry. I received a sling for my AR-15 that is among the highest quality I have ever put my hands on.
Most of us gun owners have the need for a good quality sling for our rifles and shotguns but most of the ones produced on the market today are made by machines and built strictly for utility. Recoil Rifle Slings on the other hand are all handmade by military veterans and the make and quality is second to none. Parachute cord accessories are becoming more popular due to the durability and utility of the many things paracord can do in a survival situation which makes Recoil Rifle Slings the extremely durable and useful in a variety of situations. Another unique feature of a Recoil Rifle Sling is the warranty they provide. If you have to use your sling in a survival situation and dismantle it for the use of the paracord, simply return all of the pieces to RRS and they will rebuild it for you at no additional cost!
What’s more is that you also receive a personal letter from the veteran who made the sling for you and his e-mail address so you can correspond with him to let him know what you think of the sling he made for you and even hear more about his story. This is a great way to thank a military veteran for his service and support working veterans today.
What has been startling to me is the number of military veterans who come home and are honorably discharged from military service that have trouble finding jobs. What RRS has done is created a place for veterans to work and provides hope, healing, and fellowship. Will recently told me a story about a veteran who works for him who was at his breaking point before he went to work for RSS. He was honorably discharged but was running low on money and resources to continue living. He was out of hope and on the verge of taking his own life. What the job at Recoil Rifle Slings has given him is a foundation of other military veterans working for the same mission. He now has a support system around him and a since of duty and direction in his life.
I am proud to own a Recoil Rifle Sling. It is the best gun sling I own and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although these are more expensive than the average sling you purchase at a sporting goods store or from an online company, the quality is incredible, the utility is great, and the purpose it serves goes far beyond any other sling I have found. Check out Recoil Rifle Slings at for more information on ordering one of these amazing products.

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