Scopecoat and BinoBib Products

I have written and filmed before about Scopecoat products and how much I love the line of products from this company. All of my optics wear Scopecoat products. I was first introduced to this product in the fall of 2011. I promptly threw away all of my lens covers and other protective gear for my optics after I started using these products. There really is no comparison to how well Scopecoat products work. Not only do they protect your optics from dirt, snow, water, mud, or any other outdoor elements, they also fit well as they are sized to your optics and they are easy to take on and off quickly. Check out these fine products at and be sure to also check out the BinoBibs for your binoculars. Measure your optics and order from there. This company is also among the best outdoor industry companies I have worked with as they are prompt in shipping and incredibly caring and courteous. Optics protection really doesn’t get any better than this!