Sling-On Product Review

A cornerstone of working with Mac & Prowler’s TV show is that we use what we like and showcase those products on our show. We get a lot of products but our policy is that we only use what works in the field or on the water on our hunting and fishing adventures. I connected with Jeff at Hunting Revolution ( through a connection we made on LinkedIn. Jeff is the inventor of the Twister Nock, Full Moon Nocks, the Tree Apron, and many other products.

One of his products caught my eye so I asked him to send me one. The Sling-On is a strap that keeps your gun or crossbow sling where it belongs – on your shoulder. If you have ever had to haul a lot of gear in or out of the woods or had to pack a harvested animal out of the woods and carry your gun, you know why a product like this is needed.  I have been in more than a few situations where I have my hands full of gear and a gun on my shoulder and the sling slips off onto my arm. What a pain!

The Sling-On is a simple product but it makes sure your gun sling stay where it belongs. Another attractive feature about this product is that the strap that goes around your body is elastic and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time such as in spot and stalk or safari-style hunting.  Check out to learn more about the Sling-On and other products for hunting and other outdoor adventures. Here’s a video of me using the Sling-On.