Survival Slingshot Review

There are some products that you come across and say, “Wow, I could really use that!” If you have followed my blog for long, you know that I like to review products I find interesting and useful in the woods or on the water. I am a fan of rugged and dependable over fancy and “tacti-cool” products. I have pretty high standards for what I review. I have been sent many products each year that do not make the cut. I engage in some rigorous outdoor activities that can be hard on the gear I use so my gear has to work as hard as I do an be capable to keep up with my pace. I recently came across a tool so basic but so useful.

When I came across the Survival Slingshot and the company that manufactures this tool, I was immediately impressed. Although I am not a true “prepper”, I see the need to prepare for the unexpected and have tools with me that I can rely on when and if I need them. The Survival Slingshot fits this build well. For one, it is compact and can break down into basic parts, meaning it can be easily transported in a very small space such as the front or side pocket of a backpack. Another feature I love was the storage capacity. You normally do not see a slingshot with a compass built in to the bottom end cap and a hollow tube built for storing ammunition, small survival tools, or a whole host of other things that can go inside the aircraft aluminum body. One of the tubes that comes with the model I have includes ammo and another includes fishing hooks, line, weights, swivel, needle, and thread. Both of these tubes can be stored inside the slingshot! What’s more is that the inner hollow tube is water tight when closed so your gear stays dry, no matter what mother nature throws at you. When I assembled my Survival Slingshot, I could tell that this was a well thought out tool, not just any garden variety slingshot. It was well so advanced compared to any other primitive tool of this type I have ever encountered.

The Survival Slingshot took an old world tool and enhanced it with extremely handy features you would normally find on a firearm. There are two mountable accessories built with the slingshot platform in mind; a red laser (yes, a laser!) and a CREE LED flashlight. Both of these are compact in size but they pack a lot of power. I would have never thought I would be shooting a slingshot with a laser but it really aids in aiming. The flashlight is bright and casts a fairly wide beam, making night excursions easier. Put these two accessories together and I get so I excited I can hardly contain it! Holy smokes this thing is awesome! Is it my birthday? Actually it was my birthday when I un-boxed this awesome slingshot. I felt like a kid again but with a much more powerful and useful tool. Another interesting feature is that this slingshot harnesses more power than your basic slingshots from other manufacturers. Power counts when your life depends on hunting, protection, or overall survival.

If you are into archery, there is more in store in this package. The Survival Slingshot offers an “Archers Model” but the base model I own came with everything you need to convert this into an archery tool. Yes, an archery slingshot! With a 1.25″ split ring and bands built for shooting standard length arrows, you also get a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. Now I have used a Whisker Biscuit on my compound bow since I started in archery about a decade or so ago. What a good choice! You can also use a caliper release with the archery bands so you can get even more kinetic energy behind your arrow.

Check out my video about this product:

Overall, this a well thought out package in my opinion. Assembly is easy and adding the extra modern accessories was a breeze. I never saw the benefit of a “tactical” slingshot before I encountered this company but now I do. It makes since. In a survival situation, you want something quiet like a slingshot to protect yourself and your family but also a tool to hunt with and this is a more than capable tool for both. This company’s motto for this product is “Bring a tool, not a toy” and that is exactly what they have done with this product. It is one of the most utilitarian products I have encountered. Literally every part of the Survival Slingshot has a purpose and it serves the user well. You can learn more about this product at Thank you as always for reading, watching, and listening!