Tabanero Hot Sauce


As I have written about many times before, I have an awesome wife who happens to be a food blogger. Needless to say, we eat very well in a house with a food writer (or “foodie”) and a hunter who likes to hunt all year long to keep the freezer full. One of the perks of this relationship is that Meagan gets companies who send her product to use and write about. You can check out Meagan’s food blog at

I happen to be a fan of hot sauce so when I saw a package arrive with Tabanero hot sauce in a gift box, I was very excited. Some would say I am easily excitable. That is sometimes very true, especially when a quality hot sauce is involved. I have tried many different hot sauces and Tabanero is among one of my favorites. Its hot but not too overwhelming. The flavor of this hot sauce is not to sharp or tangy. It’s just right. Next time you buy a bottle of the hot stuff to add a little zing to your food, check this stuff out. You can order their products directly at I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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