The Urban Deer Complex Book and Urban/Suburban Bowhunting

There are many books available in eBook format and paperback on deer hunting. I my research in writing my eBook, Urban Bowhunting: The Guide to Hunting Small Properties for Big Game, I came across a book titled, The Urban Deer Complex by A.J. DeRosa. I was intrigued because there are very few books or even articles written in any form about urban and suburban hunting in the mainstream hunting realm. I purchased this book and found it to be a great read as it is jam packed full of tactics and tips in hunting just about any urban or suburban environment.

DeRosa’s book travels in far more directions that I had ever dreamed of when I wrote my book. I learned so much more than I already knew about the mind of a whitetail and the adaptation whitetail deer have made with our urban and suburban areas spilling into what used to be rural areas. I was very impressed with the author’s knowledge and the amount of research that went into making this paperback masterpiece on hunting. If you have ever been interested in getting inside the mind of a whitetail and learn some new scouting and hunting techniques, I would highly recommend this book. I have reached out and connected with AJ DeRosa and hope to do a podcast with him or some other kind of joint project together. We speak the same language. I know that for sure. Although he mainly hunts in the northeast US and I mainly hunt in Texas, we both agree about the changing trends of deer populations and our need to change and adapt with the changes in our hunting terrain to understand the whitetail in its new environment and evolve as hunters. I have been one of the sounding voices for the need for urban hunting in my area for a while but many hunters dare not tread in this area and prefer rural only hunting. This is especially true for gun hunters who have no interest in getting close and personal with their quarry like one has to do in the scenario of urban hunting.  I have proved time after time on video that you can harvest deer, some of them big bucks, in an urban settings. It’s just a matter of finding the right place to hunt and getting landowner permission to be there at times before, during, and after hunting season.

For those who are gun hunters and intimidated by archery, a great tool is a crossbow. Many states already allow crossbow hunting during archery season but even if you have to hunt with one only during gun season you can still have the potential of harvesting more deer if you dare to get in closer range to them. I have converted many “gun only” hunters to enjoy the sport of archery through a crossbow and I love seeing that happen. Crossbows are easy to operate and fun to shoot. As I have said before. don’t call me a bow hunter, a crossbow hunter, or gun hunter, just call me a hunter! We have too much to gain from each other in the hunting community and shouldn’t argue who is better than the other because of the tools with which we choose to hunt. Check out A.J. DeRosa’s book, The Urban Deer Complex. This is an incredible read for the modern whitetail hunter.