TRASOL App Review: A Trajectory Solutions Shooting App Like No Other

Since the dawn of Smart phones, companies have come out with apps to make doing certain things easier or at least, in some ways, more convenient. Before I tested the TRASOL app, I had a ballistics calculator that helped me calculate trajectory and other factors and variables related to shooting at extended ranges. That calculator worked well for my needs at the time but after I downloaded and tested out the TRASOL App from Desert Tech, I realized I would never look at ballistic data the same way again. The TRASOL app factors in just about every conceivable consideration related to shooting.  This is so much more than an advanced calculator which shooters can use to figure out a variety of factors in shooting, especially at long ranges with the many variables that go along with long range shooting.

Integrating a heads up display (HUD), an initiative interface and global prediction accuracy, this app incorporates everything I have ever looked for in a shooting trajectory calculator and then some. To top it off, it is extremely easy to use.  Simply input all the factors you know from the rifle and load you are using as well as your environmental factors, which can be numerous in the shooting realm, and the app tells you everything you need to know in real time. You can even save different gun profiles in the app that you can refer back to on different visits to the range and different shooting sessions. This is huge for me since I own multiple long range rifles in different calibers. You can even set up an account and sync the app with your account, inputting new data every time you shoot. Since I use handloads in some of my guns, I see an added benefit for using this app for feedback on how my loads are preforming in the rifle I am shooting.

The TRASOL app does this all at one low one-time cost of $9.99. As with most apps, once you download it, the app is yours to use for life. Having information at your disposal like this isn’t only valuable, it is extremely crucial if you want to make an accurate calculation of your shot and this is vitally important if you plan to compete in long range shooting matches or other types of scenarios. As a big game hunter, I see many uses for this app in taking big game at long ranges. Having immediate feedback for shooting like this is something I have never had so easy in the past. Desert Tech, the company that came out with this app, specializes in long range high power rifles that can change calibers in under a minute or so and this app makes using these rifles even better.

There are so many more benefits and features to TRASOL that I have outlined here. To learn more about TRASOL, which is available for both iOS and Android, visit