The S.S.R.C. |Sight-In|Shoot|Rest|Care Accessory Review

There are few products I run into these days that impress me as much as the S.S.R.C. For such a small and inexpensive product, this is by far one of the most utilitarian tools I have come across. The inventor of this product originally started the design of these product as a guitar accessory. As a guitar player, I like it for that too. This product has so many different uses as I talk about in the video below. You can use this as a shooting rest, a stand for your gun when you are by your vehicle, a rest for your gun when you are cleaning it, or a realm of other situations. For under $20, this is a product that will go with me wherever I travel in the great outdoors whether I am in the woods or at the range. Check these guys out at and check out my video about this product below:


Smoked Meats and Cheeses…Oh Yeah!

I grew up in New Braunfels, a small Central Texas town between Austin and San Antonio. My dad grew up hunting and fishing with my grandfather and great-grandfather as well as other family and friends. One of the childhood relationships my dad had was with Randy Rust and his family.

I first met Randy a few years ago when he needed to build  a new website, which I was happy to do, for his business, The Rust Game Place and Meat Market. I initially found this company when I was working gun shows for DB Hunting Ranch in the Austin area.

There are certainly numerous wild game processing business and even more meat markets around but few are as good at The Rust Game Place. They smoke many different meats and cheeses with mesquite which lends their product with a flavorful taste I have seldom seen anywhere else. That is one reason why people all over the USA order from them through their website. I invite you to check these guys out and consider trying out their product. If I could only give out the aroma of their products through this blog. I can assure you it is mouth-watering! You will love their world of smoked meats and cheeses and they make great gifts!


Frio Coolers are the Best!

With so many coolers on the market today, it is no secret that you can get a quality product for a value price in the realm of “extreme ice chests”. The question remains, which one do I choose? There are so many different coolers in the marketplace right now. Since I came in contact with Frio coolers, I have never looked back. My Frio has been the best cooler I have ever owned, hands down, and as an accomplished fisherman and hunter, I have used and owned a bunch of them.


On of my favorite duos in the outdoor industry is Tim and Holly Jackson, owners of Rockin’ J Enterprises ( I have known Tim and Holly for many years and they are great people. I highly recommend you check out their website and check out Frio Coolers for your next ice chest purchase. I can assure you that you will be happy with purchasing one from these guys. Thank you so much for reading, watching, and listening.


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