Bowhunting 101: Grim Reaper Broadheads and Gold Tip Arrows and Bolts

I have been asked many time by my viewers on YouTube and other places my videos are viewed what I think are the best combinations for bowhunting success. For me, this is easy:

Broadheads: Grim Reaper. These come in  1 3/8? to 2? including  crossbow versions. For crossbows, I choose the 1 1/2?. This is one of the most reliable mechanicals on the market as there are no o-rings or anything else holding the blades together that can potentially fail at the moment of truth.  Live in a state where you can’t shoot mechanical broadheads? Check out the Hades fixed-blade broadheads.

Arrows: Gold Tip Pro Hunters or Devastators. The full line of arrows from Gold Tip are among the finest you will find in the industry. They have great accuracy and are tough as nails. For crossbow bolts, I shoot the Laser III and they are a great choice and well worth the money.

Illuminated Nocks: Lumenoks. Although I didn’t mention these in the video below, Lumenoks are my choice for lighted arrow nocks because they are reliable and  the originators of the lighted nock system. Many companies have come along and tried to improve on this design but Lumenocks are still my favorite. That show you immediate feedback on your shot and also aid in helping you find your arrow after the shot. They even work in water and I have tested them in water many times hunting by a creek. Here is a video where I break all of this down: