The S.S.R.C. |Sight-In|Shoot|Rest|Care Accessory Review

There are few products I run into these days that impress me as much as the S.S.R.C. For such a small and inexpensive product, this is by far one of the most utilitarian tools I have come across. The inventor of this product originally started the design of these product as a guitar accessory. As a guitar player, I like it for that too. This product has so many different uses as I talk about in the video below. You can use this as a shooting rest, a stand for your gun when you are by your vehicle, a rest for your gun when you are cleaning it, or a realm of other situations. For under $20, this is a product that will go with me wherever I travel in the great outdoors whether I am in the woods or at the range. Check these guys out at and check out my video about this product below: