Family Reunion and First Archery Season Harvest!

Opening weekend of archery season marks the start of the fall deer hunting season in Texas. It is also the weekend we have my family reunion in New Berlin, Texas, a very small town in south Central Texas, where my family homesteaded land when they settled in Texas many years ago. Our family cemetery is actually on Warncke Road. I love history, studying family lineages, and visiting with family every year we go to the reunion. While all this is great, I always seem to miss the opening morning of archery season every year.

Many of us who enjoy the past time of hunting and fishing are blessed by our loving God beyond our wildest imaginations. I am one of them in this group. Working in the outdoor industry for the years I have has yielded many blessings and I am grateful for that every day. In my humble opinion, when you are so blessed, you should become a blessing to others.

I may have told this story before but I will set it up again. One evening last summer, I received a Facebook message from a local hunter who enjoyed watching my urban Texas deer hunting videos and had a few questions about how I did it and what I used to be so successful on my hunts. Like many Texas hunters, he hunted mainly public lands with an occasional invite to hunt private land for deer. In the process of talking, we became friends and I invited him out to one of my urban set ups. This video shows how he did with me guiding him.

On this property, we were hunting behind a row of houses against a greenbelt area. It being a Sunday afternoon, some of the neighbors of the land we were on decided to partake in some outdoor activates of their own near us, blocking the deer from their normal ritual of coming into our spot near dusk. As I explained to Michael, this IS urban hunting! Just before the window of shooting light had closed on us, two does came in and we closed the deal on the biggest one. It was a great way to start the season. If you read a few blog posts before, Michael and I went dove hunting at the beginning of dove hunting season. I always say that if you have good luck in shooting dove, bow season will be good too. This has proven to be the case over and over again. Here is Michael’s doe courtesy of the Barnett BCX Carbonlite, Lumenok bolts, and Grim Reaper Broadheads Xbow series. Perfect shot placement!

Photo Sep 28, 7 36 36 PM