Hill Country Bowhunter’s Youth Archery Event



I have been an officer with Hill Country Bowhunters for a couple of years now. I started off several years ago as the webmaster before a couple of our tech savvy officers rebuilt the website in the last year or so. It looks better than ever now (www.hillcountrybowhunters.com).


As the Youth Hunt Coordinator officer, I help set up hunting adventures for the youth who qualify to hunt in our Youth Hunt Program by volunteering to help our club set up and take down targets at our monthly 3D shoot during the non-hunting season months of the year. One of the goals of HCB is to get youth involved into archery so we set up at events much like the  Sportsman’s Extravaganza which was held a couple of Saturdays ago by a church in Leander, Texas, nearby where I live.  We set up both 3D targets and traditional archery targets and teach boys and girls as well as older youth how to shoot correctly and hopefully even ignite a passion in their lives for archery.


At every one of these events I have attended, I have encountered exceptional young men and women who are simply “naturals” at the sport. Encouraging youth to get into the archery sports is one of my personal goals with HCB and we accomplish this with every event like this we do.  At some of our events, we have helped 300-400 young people get acquainted with archery in the span of a few hours! Talk about a busy day!

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