Bowfishing on the Brazos

I love bowfishing. The truth is that I have not been bowfishing with my friend and mentor Marty McIntyre with GARQUEST Bowfishing Adventures since LAST June! It had been way too long. We loaded up last weekend and headed to the Brazos River, launching off of a private neighborhood boat launch. As soon as we turned on our HPS (high pressure sodium) lights, the action was non-stop. We took 79 long-nose and short-nose gar over the rail in around 4 hours of a bowfishing frezy. It was the most fun I have had in a while. So many fish to shoot and so little time to draw back, shoot, and reel back in!

This trip served a couple of purposes. The gar population is so thick in the area we were bowfishing that the neighborhood community welcomed us. We were also scouting for alligator gar. We didn’t  run into any river monsters that night but we know they are out there. There is always next time! If you’ve never giving the sport of bowfishing a try, hire an awesome guide like Marty and shoot some fish!

Bowfishing combines the challenge and sport of archery, fishing, and hunting all into one! Check out Marty’s bowfishing adventures in both pictures and videos on the “Catches” page of