Max Shepherd Bolt Products / Jmeck Scope Mounts

I am asked many questions about the military surplus guns I talk about on my many YouTube videos. One of the most common questions is what to do if you want a traditional receiver mounted scope and have to  to drill and tap (not recommended) or get a clamp on mount (highly recommended) for the Mosin Nagant.

I highly recommend the  Jmeck scope mount ( as it is a clamp on mount, reques and is so solid when installed properly. I also get the common question  of, “Where did you get the bent bolt?” I didn’t have a good answer until now. Max Sheperd Bolt Products ( recently did two bolt modifications for me and did a fantastic job! Check out the awesome pull ring addition to the safety knob. This makes the safety very easy to operate which is usually an issue with stock bolts. They did this sniper reporduction bent bolt for the below rifle and also did a super job on one of my other Mosins stocked in ATI furniture with an ATI receiver mount. Here is a video and some pictures showcasing both products. As I say in the video, it is better to spend a little more money on products like these to get the best quality return possible for these iconic firearms. IMG_9384


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