The Return of “Mr. Big”… The Right Place at the Right Time!

I have been hunting the same urban area for several years now. Every year, it seems to get better and better. Last year I shot two deer in one evening, filmed a doe hunt, and a harvested a nice mature 8 point all from the same stand. I keep going back because the action is simply non-stop. But I am not just hunting for meat. If I was, I could fill my tags in a couple of weekends there. This year I have been watching  a big buck that a fan of the show and personal friend of mine has named “Mr. Big”.

Last weekend, I had a work engagement, where I normally wear nice dress slacks and dress shoes for, prior to me heading to the hunting stand. I simply changed into my camo shirt and arrived at my blind at 6:30pm. This is rather late and I could tell all the corn the feeder had spun out for the evening had been eaten already and the deer had moved on. I decided to pour out some more corn and sit out anyway. Yes, in my dress slacks and dress shoes and camo shirt. If nothing else, I could catch up on my Twitter and Facebook news and hunt until legal shooting time ended. It started getting dark as the sun set over the horizon and night approached. I was ready to grab my things and head home until I looked up from my phone to notice a giant deer standing in front of my blind… It was Mr. Big himself and he was taking advantage of the new corn I had poured out.

I put down my phone, picked up my crossbow and got ready to shoot. I centered the top circle of the crossbow scope behind his shoulder, pressed the trigger, and watched Mr. Big take off. He made it about 60 yards before piling up.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  I am still filming and editing the footage to make this a true hunting video but here are some pictures of our deer.

Photo Oct 04, 7 47 53 PM

Mr. Big

If you follow this blog at all, you will see game cam pictures of this buck. I have been watching hin since August when I first set up the game cams on this property. This is one of the biggest bucks I have harvested with archery equipment and I plan to have a shoulder mount done. I am so thankful and grateful to harvest a deer of this caliber from such an urban habitat. What a rush!

This goes to show that even if you show up late and aren’t dressed for the occasion, you may still be playing your cards right just for being there at the right place and right now. Thank you again to our sponsors Grim Reaper Broadheads, Barnett Crossbows and Lumenok Bolts as well as thank you God for a buck this nice this early in the season!