T.R.U. Ball Releases and Axcel Sights/Big Buck Spotted!

My latest project has been adding a new sight to my bow and shooting with a new release. I cannot say enough about T.R.U. Ball releases. They are among the best I have ever shot. I use a “Stinger” model which is a dual caliper release and I love it.

On the sights, I was hesitant at first to go with the .10 pins versus the larger .19 pins. But my rule is to aim small so I elected to go with the smaller pins. I am glad I did. I installed this new sight and shot the bow last night and am getting better accuracy than I ever though possible with this new sight! Check out both of these companies at www.truball.com and www.axcelsights.com. These are awesome companies with great products!

Photo Aug 11, 6 12 31 PM


In other news, guess what I saw the other day when I was setting up my stand in my urban hunting set up? A big deer that made my heart race!

Photo Aug 09, 1 23 32 PM

Thankfully, its almost that time of year again! Thanks for reading, listening, and watching!