Bowfishing Lights

In teaching about bowfishing, I am often asked if you need a bow-mounted light for a bowfishing set up. The answer to that is fairly easy. If you are fishing with minimal lighting, such as in a small boat or on the bank at night, a bow-mounted light helps you see further distances and areas you might normally night be able to fish. Even in a boat like the one owned by Marty McIntyre, owner and chief guide of GARQUEST Bowfishing adventures, which is outfitted with many different bright LED and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, a bow-mounted light can be handy for fishing areas outside of the reach of the lights on the boat. You many not see the benfit in using a bow light for fishing from a larger boat with plenty of lights but it is sure handy to have one in case you need it.

There are a couple of considerations you want to make when you are looking for a bow light. For one, interchangeable LEDs are nice so you can switch the color of the light. Most bowfishers will tell you that they prefer a white light for bowfishing adventures. The nice thing about a light like the VRL-X light from is that you can change out colored LED’s in seconds. For instance, if you want to go hog hunting, where the preferred color for your bow light is red, you can change it. If you want to do some late night predator hunting, where many hunters prefer a green light, you can choose that too. The light package also comes with a normal end cap switch as well as a pressure switch attachment so you can easily turn your light on when you go to shoot.

Another consideration to make is to select a light that has both distance and width. In my opinion, the VRL-X executes both of these features well. With a 250 lumen LED, you have plenty of power to penetrate the water without having a glare or reflection off of the water from the light. Any light you use will have some glare from the water but lights that have a wide beam, not an intense, narrow beam, are better for bowfishing since most of your shots are relatively short in bowfishing. Another neat feature of this light is that you can use it as a regular scanning light for all of your night time excursions as well as for hunting or bowfishing. You can mount it to just about any kind of gun or bow with a couple of mounting accessories.

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