The 2014 Hunting Season Begins!

Opening season for dove hunting on September 1st, this year on Labor Day, marks the start to our Texas Hunting season and it is among one of the best times of the year. Last year I didn’t go dove hunting at all but this year I received an invite to a ranch to hunt with some friends. We hunted over a stock tank and had a blast. We didn’t kill that many birds but we did have more fun than I have had in a while!

This is Micheal Foster, a fan of my show and new friend of mine, and I with our load of birds.  A successful time in the field hunting for doves is usually a good omen that deer season will be good. I am super excited to get this year started off with a bang!


Photo Sep 01, 8 35 29 PM Photo Sep 01, 8 35 43 PM