Fort Worth Airgun Show

I love airguns. The ones that I own and regularly shoot are relatively quite and very lethal on small game, predators, and wild hogs. Going to an “Airgun Show” was a first to me but our show, Mac & Prowler’s “Coyote Tales” was invited to attend this show  by one of our sponsors, Airforce Airguns. In my opinion, Airforce Airguns are among the top tier in quality and price in the airgun market. You can check out Airforce at

This show was held at a sportsman’s club in Poolville, Texas. Ever heard of Poolville? Me neither. All I knew was it was a small town just outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The building the show was hosted it was small but PACKED with airgun enthusiasts. I had no idea this show would have the amazing attendance it did.

I met show hosts and the producer of American Airgunner, which broadcasts on the Pursuit and Sportsman’s Channel (  I also met and had a long conversation with Eric Henderson (in the grey Airforce Airguns T-shirt below) from Adventures Afield, a web TV show ( I had another great conversation was with professional outdoor writer Jim Chapman ( He has an incredible outdoor writing and TV portfolio and I really enjoyed visiting with him as well.

This show was off the chain. Not only was it all about big bore and small caliber air rifles and pistols but the shooting range was open and you could go shoot some of the guns you were interested in buying. The manufactures at this show had a blast letting prospective buyers try out airguns before they made the purchase. Below is a picture of Yvette Hicks and I with the new Airforce Escape airgun. Then, in another picture, Randy (Mac) photo-bombed us!

This was also an opportunity to reconnect with Mac & Prowler as I hadn’t seen Randy or Bill in person for over a year and a half, although we talk on the phone all the time. We are gearing up to do some new fun things with our show and broadcast on a SMART TV network that airs through ROKU and Apple TV in addition to our show airing on many different regional networks. Check out our show at